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The symptom of dog dog gastric ulcer basically has: Spirit dispirited, appetite drops to perhaps draw blood without appetite, vomiting, diarrhoea, haematemesis even, excrement and urine is rare soft, some moment can have black excrement and urine, and have bad taste. In the meantime, special acute and painful ache still can be caused when this disease breaks out, dog of the dog when palpation stomach ministry can have apparent aching feeling, some is met even dehisce bites a person. In addition, ulcer can be accompanied have serious complication, be like peritonitis, gastric bowel speaks blood.

One, how is dog gastric ulcer checked

Dog dog gastric ulcer can be checked through barium meal. If dog dog has gastric ulcer, so eat the barium meal that go down to be able to be added over gastric mucous membrane, state dog dog has gastric ulcer.

2, dog dog gastric ulcer takes what drug

Dog dog gastric ulcer needs to eat gastric mucous membrane protective agent and restrain medicaments of excretive of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, among them protective agent of gastric mucous membrane can use the remedy that contains sulfur candy aluminium, it is OK to restrain hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete use the remedy that contains Ao Meila Zun, law to not replace man. Besides medication, still need dietary recuperation, the proposal does not feed the food with the unripe, cold, good dog that eat a dog at ordinary times, the proposal is fed eat digestible dog food.

3, how is dog dog gastric ulcer treated?

The remedial principle of dog dog gastric ulcer is, the acid-base value that balances gastric ministry, reduce stimulation, restrain hydrochloric acid in gastric juice to secrete, wait to disease cure. If dog dog has haematemesis, pull blood to wait for a phenomenon, still need to receive whereaboutsing blood. The proposal takes the following step:

The first: Give dog dog enema with lukewarm suds, can give dog dog compensatory moisture, adjust acid-base value of bowel of dog dog stomach.

The 2nd: Inside proper time, do not feed food of the food that has stimulation and not easy digestive to dog dog for instance the flesh, bone is waited a moment.

The 3rd: Can feed dog dog flour to paper, add on a few frangipani, egg yellow, unfavorable eat too salty food, can eat less, much food, can satisfy nutrient requirement already, can reduce gastric bowel burden again. After passing period of time, may have improve apparently.

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