The dog affected heart filaria omen - news information - the net that clean out a dog

Probability of filarial of heart of dog dog infection is in about 15% the left and right sides, to dog dog, heart filaria is compare refractory disease. The omen with this kind of the mainest disease is cough and breathing difficulty, serious when can have lungs of anaemic, ascites, heart exhaustion, icteric wait for syndrome. Differ as a result of what influence rate, dog dog can appear different symptom, if host observed, want to take dog dog in time to reach a hospital, detect through lens check, blood the cure after waiting for diagnose.

1, filarial of heart of dog dog infection is earlier, do not have what omen commonly, occurrence symptom of not better than compares slight cough. Host nots allow to notice easily, perhaps be regarded as common cold will treat.

2, dog dog affects heart filaria after period of time, psychosis can become poor, sleep with respect to meeting occurrence be addicted to gradually, breathing difficulty, motion is not able to bear or endure suffer wait for a symptom, feel very easily also tired at ordinary times. The heart filaria in put oneself in another's position of dog of this specification dog has been compared much, the illness is more serious also.

3, later period of filarial of heart of dog dog infection, parasitism is mixed in the heart the heart filaria of pulmonary artery, can bring about dog dog to appear the syndrome such as kidney failure of exhaustion of lungs of oedema of anaemic, ascites, lung, heart, icteric, liver. When clinical examination, also can observe rigth ventricle increases or pulmonary artery is added thick. At this moment the circumstance of dog dog has compared danger, need sends a hospital cure immediately.

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