Learn What You Need To Know About Dogs

TIP! Make your home doggie-proof. Check your whole home to be sure it is safe prior to bringing a dog home.

Are you interested in rescuing a puppy? Or are you interested in buying from a breeder? No matter what type of dog you want, your dog is going to bring you plenty of love and happiness. However, you need to be prepared for the responsibilities involved in owning a dog, so use these ideas to get started.

TIP! Your dog needs annual medical exams. Your dog is not able to talk, so it is not easy to know when he's got arthritis or an aching tooth.

Go on and hug your dog, but do not kiss him. Dog kissing may be adorable, but dogs have awfully dirty mouths. Dogs rummage through trash, drink toilet water and lick other dog's body parts. It's an old wives' tale that a dog has a very clean mouth. This statement is most definitely not true.

TIP! Neuter or spay the dog. Research shows that taking this simple action can help your pet live a longer life, as it can reduce the risk of cancer.

Do not fall prey to the temptation to feed table scraps to your dog. If you feed from the table, he'll become a beggar and stop eating his own food. Overfeeding him will lead to obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, too. If you spend the time to train your dog to spend mealtimes well removed from the table, there won't be any scrap-feeding temptations to worry about.

TIP! If your dog behaves properly, be sure it is praised and given affection. Always make sure your dog knows when they perform a behavior you wish to see repeated.

Be sure to praise your dog thoroughly any time it behaves correctly, such as sitting when it is time to put their leash on. You need to reward good behavior. It will show your dog that doing the right thing will earn him praise from you.

TIP! Don't force your dog to eat something. Some dogs won't love all treats, and you shouldn't push your dog to like something.

Provide your dog with rawhide to chew on rather than actual meat bones. Bones can chip and hurt your dog if sharp fragments are ingested. Rawhide has been proven to be healthy for your dog. It is excellent for its teeth too, so do not give in to the temptation to give your dog a real bone no matter how hard it begs.

TIP! Pay attention to the nails of your canine. It can be quite painful for your dog if his nails start curling under.

When it is time to buy dog food, avoid buying the cheapest brand. It is vital to give your dog the best quality food. Although this could mean paying a higher price for a better brand, at least you know that your pet is getting the required amount of nutrients in their diet.

TIP! If you're adopting a dog through a local shelter, try scheduling a vet appointment right away. Dogs that live in shelters may be sick or may have been around other sick dogs.

When you get a new dog, set up an appointment for him at the vet. Make a vet appointment right after the dog comes home. The veterinarian will do a full checkup and set a schedule for his vaccinations. Consider having your pup spayed or neutered as there is already an overpopulation problem.

TIP! Take your new dog to the vet. Make the appointment when you buy your dog.

Fostering a dog teaches you about the responsibilities of dog ownership. There are many animals that need love and care. You can give a hand by fostering a dog without a home and try on the role of dog owner too!

TIP! Trim any hair that's around your pup's paws so it doesn't get matted up. Straighten hair with a comb a bit before you trim it.

Your dog should not be left outside in the yard by himself for the entire day. Dogs need to interact with people or with other animals. Especially if it's only one dog, it can get very lonely. Plus, bad weather can be health and even life threatening to your pet.

TIP! Certain dog breeds are prone to specific health issues, so be aware of what is typical for your dog's breed. Find out what health problems to expect and learn how to prevent those that your dog is prone to developing.

If your vet prescribes medication, always carefully follow the provided instructions. He may want out of that cone immediately, but he needs to keep wearing it! Vets are professionals who have experience dealing with your situation.

TIP! If your dog has separation anxiety or you wish to be really nice to them, keep music on while you are going to work. That helps the dog feel like someone is around.

Make sure your dog comes back to you by ensuring that they have some form of identification. A collar with identification is a great way to ensure that your dog is found and returned if it happens to get lost. The tag should include your name and contact information as well as the name of your dog. You may also consider having a micro-chip implanted.

TIP! Let your dog know that you care. Most of the time you are paying attention to the very bad things they do and overlooking the good.

Be politically active on behalf of your pooch! Keep watch on legislation in your area that may affect your rights as a pet owner. That legislations is often motivated by certain breeds or certain dogs that have behaved badly. Talk to your local officials on behalf of responsible pet owners worldwide.

TIP! Your dog needs to wear some sort of identification in case he escapes your house. Purchase a dog tag so your dog has identification.

If you have a dog that has an accident in your home, be sure that you get rid of it completely. Use a cleaner that's professional strength and follow that up with a good odor remover. If your dog can still smell its waste, it may use the bathroom in that spot repeatedly.

TIP! If your dog has to listen to many people, he may end up confused. Folks all do things differently, and it is important not to confuse the animal.

Make sure your dog is safe when out in the heat. Dogs have great difficulty dealing with extremely high temperatures. Make sure they have somewhere shady to hang out during the summer months. Make sure your dog has access to clean and cool water. Also, dogs can have problems with the sun's rays, so see if the vet has any sunscreens for dogs.

TIP! When it becomes hot, do tick and flea inspections. Use a flea comb on your dog's fur.

You should be firm with your dog. When some people own dogs they give them extra treats and allow them to misbehave. This is very common when dogs are cute little puppies. Consistency is key. Giving your dog the scraps after a meal might be okay to you, but if you let things slide you may find your pet eating your dinner from your own lap!

TIP! As you start training your dog, don't be afraid to try out a few different reward systems. You should try to find out what drives your dog to do well.

Clean your dog's water and food bowls regularly. Your dog has no interest in dining from dirty bowls, nor would you. Clean the bowls daily and give your dog fresh water and food.

TIP! Crate training a puppy is a good idea if you're going to be gone all day and will have nobody there to watch your pet for you. This will prevent him from chewing on your stuff or urinating where he's not supposed to.

Don't have high expectations with your dog. Your dog will not be able to pay attention for very long when you are training him. Train him a little at a time at first to avoid frustration.

If you do not have someone always watching your puppy, try crate training. If you do this, your house will not get messed up.

TIP! Puppies may be cute when biting on a slipper, but the cuteness fades when it turns into a dog who is ripping them apart. It's critical to stop bad habits right away.

When you're adding a puppy to your family, you need to have it around other dogs quickly so it can be more comfortable. Great ways to get your dog socialized include taking him to the local dog park and to the grooming salon.

TIP! Establish house rules that your pet must follow, and remain firm by them. Perhaps your partner is gone for the night, and you are thinking it's ok for the dog to sleep on the bed.

Now that you know how to take great care of a dog, it's time for your new companion to come home with you! Keep learning new ideas about caring for your dogs online. Discussing dog tips and ideas online in a forum can be very useful. Gaining knowledge can last a lifetime, so keep going!