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狗狗不同阶段的日常照顾 你都知道吗?

The bosom pregnancy of the dog is 58 arrive 64 days. Between gestation, besides giving dog mom rich nutrition, caress even meticulously, create a quiet and easy environment for fetal normal growth. Notice mother dog pregnancy take exercise. Proper motion can promote mother dog and fetal haemal circulation, enhance metabolism, make sure mother embryo is […]

阿拉斯加眼睛什么颜色 蓝色眼睛可能狗狗眼部有疾病哦

The eye of Alaska is brown. The eye of blooded Alaska is brown, of almond shape. To Alaska, the eye is blacker, the blood relationship of the dog is purer. You may see Alaska with blue eye normally. This kind of Alaska is disqualification, also may be the eye color that eye disease brings about […]

狗狗身体抽搐怎么回事 这三个原因你要重视了

Because got the outside is stimulated,dog dog tic is The influence of outside element can bring about dog tic. For instance abrupt sound frightened a dog (firecracker, harsh Klaxon tone, doorbell, horn. ) , and let pet dog feel fear, this also is one of its inflexible and convulsive reasons. Because weather changes,dog dog tic […]